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Our Service

Our service includes determining the return you need from your investments and other assets to support your desired lifestyle and to secure your financial position as you get older. Once this has been achieved, we may encourage you to increase your standard of living, spend more, or make gifts. Most new clients who come to us are taking more risk than they need to so rather than talking up the benefits of investing we explain about how to take the minimum level of risk required to meet your objectives.

In almost every case, we will be able to reduce costs, reduce tax or reduce risk and in many cases all three.

At Waterhouse, the rule is to put our clients’ interests first at all times as a Chartered firm we have a strict code of ethics. We will explain clearly what we can do for you, set out the benefits to you and agree a price for the work with you before we proceed. That way you can weigh up the benefits to you and the fees to be incurred, so you can make a fully informed decision about whether to proceed.

Our advice should always be worth considerably more than the fees to be paid. Please email info@waterhousefp.com to obtain a copy of our detailed Service Agreement which provides an overview of all our services and costs.

At Waterhouse, we believe in independence, integrity and innovation to deliver the best possible advice and service.


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If you would like to meet for a coffee and an informal chat about your financial planning arrangements, please call us on 02871 878770 or email Sinead Meenan at sinead@waterhousefp.com